Gabriel 366

My mind does not allow me to easily access my memories. This should help. My photo journal- a post per day.

When: January 13, 2012

Where: Southville Foreign University

It was the Southville Global Education Network’s (SGEN) Research Review launch. It’s an event where they showcased their research about certain relevant topics.

The picture on the left is of Deandro Almariego, Johnny Malvar, Me, and Sir. Albert Tijam. Dean, Johnny, and I were tasked to sing for this event by the school’s music group, Cradle. We didn’t know the people were of the likes: The owner of the Southville brand, the director of CHED, deans from different Southvilles.

As we learned the status of the people, we all got a little intimidated. But in the end we pulled it off. 

The picture to the right is me singing “All of Me.”

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